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Twitter: Top 8 Tips

1: Enjoy Twitter

Don’t get overwhelmed by terms such as dm, #ff , or software such as Tweetdeck, Hootsuite etc. I use Hootsuite although Twitter is simply writing a short message, yes it can have a link to something longer, ie a blog or video. It is well worth giving yourself a time limit- otherwise you could spend too much time on twitter.

2. Use # in your tweets

As an events organiser and networker, I would often include # in my tweets. For example Internet Week Europe uses the #iwe

Consider using #ff follow friday – this is for peope who you recommend to others to follow.

3. Share links to useful content

This can include forwarding messages from those who you follow, known as #rt

4. If you do use Hootsuite consider adding search columns

I have a separate tab in HootSuite set up only for searches that I want to monitor throughout the day. I have several columns of searches on this tab, including:

– customers

– key tweeters

– and at the moment specific event # ie #iwe

5: Connect with the right people and tweet with them

I personally don’t just follow anyone. I find relevant people. I spend a period of the day, ideally during commuter times looking at the messages they send. If I am not interested in what they are sending out are they going to be interested in my tweets.

It has been suggested that you should consider linking to at least around 150 people on twitter otherewise there may be a lack of messages and therefore interest.

Also consider attending tweetups or creating tweetups which they may attend.

6. Add your twitter account to…

your linkedin profile.

Consider adding it to your website and business cards

7. Continuous education

Read blogs, attend presentations etc. The persons in the UK who I have found most inspiring with regard to twitter is Bill Boorman and Tamsin Fox Davies.


Include your profile and ideally your personal photo (professionally photographed). This may be a company logo if it is a larger brand. Make sure when you write your biography it has a link to further information about yourself. This is key. Personally I feel that background themes are much less important then your bio and link

What are your suggestions?