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What Is The Best Time Of Day To Network?

I read recently an article about when was the best time of day to network? I wrote this piece in response to reading this and also the fact that one of my major networks-4networking has opened an evening element.

Personally it doesn’t matter for me when the event is on, I like morning, lunch and evening events. What is more important to me is the style of networking. I much prefer structured networking sessions like 4Networking, National Alliance of Business Owners, Speed Networking rather than meet people in a room over a glass of wine or a coffee.

So for me when I look at the events which take place- I look at what structured events are taking place. Many evening events focus on the speaker- so if the speaker or the topic is something I want to hear this is an influence and also if I have been to the meeting beforehand (ie if its a regular monthly or bi-monthly event).

So to summarise I am looking forward to attending 4Networking events this coming year which are both in the evening and daytime. In some respects I prefer lunchtime and evening events in the sense I am not a earlybird- particularly when you take into account travel.