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Being a winner!

I know I should blog more often. Yes I know. I have attended more blogging events than created my own posts.

Which blogging events- mostly those run by the superb Andy Bargery and Bernie Mitchell. Have a look

Over the last few days after Wednesday’s event I wondered exactly what I should write about. This was the largest event I have run and discovered many things on the journey.

One thing though that I discovered is about winning.

I won much support from my sponsors and strategic partnerships that evening. My sponsors if your wondering that evening were David Salmon and Phil J Anderson

My strategic partnerships that evening included Property Investor Toolkit , the Coach with the Hat (aka Elliot Kay) and Your Property Network

This blog post though isn’t really about me. Yes that’s correct.

On the evening of my big events I usually give away a prize- the prize on the evening was a bottle of cava.

Was it really the prize- no! Was it meant to be the only prize- yes! So what happened. I’m not sure- is the simple answer. Yes I know what happened on the evening- although why I choose that decision I don’t know.

I asked our winner Jonathan Ambrose to make a short elevator pitch. Jonathan That elevator pitch he made was more important possibly than any other on the night if not this year.

Apart from Jonathan being a winner on the evening- both the Cava which is probably not life changing- unless you drink it in one go- certainly the opportunity to give an elevator pitch to a room packed full of potential customers and strategic partnerships is.

Also after the event I have sent a couple of messages on twitter, mentioned him on my facebook status updates, now writing this blog and elsewhere.

By the way just a short profile of his company. is a UK property auction retail site. Landlords / Letting Agents upload their available properties and potential tenants bid on how much they are prepared to rent the properties for. At the end of the auction the Landlord / Letting Agent has their property rented (potentially at a higher rental sum than the original asking amount) and the new tenant has a new home!

What made Jonathan a winner is that he took action. Normally at the large meetings I have a champagne bucket. Not every bothers to put their business card into the champagne bucket because they don’t want champagne. Yes but resisting champagne what else are you saying no too. I am talking about on the evening with re: to this blog. Although outside of this eventwhat opportunities are you missing

Jonathan’s picture is below.


Over the course of the extended holiday break we are celebrating (or many of us) the lifetime achievements of the Queen.

How often do we celebrate the lifetime achievements of our businesses?

I have to admit I am not the best one in celebrating my successes. Most of us live in an environment where we celebrate things around us?

Even if all of our business goals have not been reached this does not mean we still can’t celebrate.

I suppose the only time we may celebrate is during Awards ceremonies. How often do we put ourselves into awards events.

I don’t know any specific awards ceremonies for Networking Event Companies for example. It is all too easy to look at goals- although there must be something in our businesses that we celebrate.

I will be hosting an event later in the year about celebrating- it maybe a workshop or it maybe just a networking event.