4Networking: My Experience Over The Last Year

How to get the most out of 4Networking?

I have been a member of 4Networking for over a year and my experience is based primarily on the London area. I have also been a team member currently Marketing Assistant at Gloucester Road, SW7, London

People often ask me what 4Networking is. Its business breakfast networking and its fab! I am a big fan of the structure including the passport.

Use your 4Networking Passport and give 4sights

It certainly raises your profile- giving 4sights to other business owners in many ways. It also helps develop your ideas and understand what people are interested in.

4sights are short presentations to 4Networking Groups, over 300 groups currently in UK.

Practice your elevator pitch-

One of the best pieces of advice about elevator pitches is to offer thanks during your presentation to create a more effective presentation

Follow up!

When I joined 4Networking I was expecting to see the same people again and again. Yes you do see some of the same people again, although sometimes people move onto other groups, sometimes outside of your area, or there membership expires so its essential to follow up!

Get involved-

One of the easiest ways is to become a team member, or use the forum. I am not a regular on the foum, so this is not my expertise.

Follow on twitter

Use #4n, #4networking

In summary over the last year, I discovered follow up is essential at 4Networking just like at any other networking group and take advantage of 4sights.

Hope this has been of use.

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