Being a winner!

I know I should blog more often. Yes I know. I have attended more blogging events than created my own posts.

Which blogging events- mostly those run by the superb Andy Bargery and Bernie Mitchell. Have a look

Over the last few days after Wednesday’s event I wondered exactly what I should write about. This was the largest event I have run and discovered many things on the journey.

One thing though that I discovered is about winning.

I won much support from my sponsors and strategic partnerships that evening. My sponsors if your wondering that evening were David Salmon and Phil J Anderson

My strategic partnerships that evening included Property Investor Toolkit , the Coach with the Hat (aka Elliot Kay) and Your Property Network

This blog post though isn’t really about me. Yes that’s correct.

On the evening of my big events I usually give away a prize- the prize on the evening was a bottle of cava.

Was it really the prize- no! Was it meant to be the only prize- yes! So what happened. I’m not sure- is the simple answer. Yes I know what happened on the evening- although why I choose that decision I don’t know.

I asked our winner Jonathan Ambrose to make a short elevator pitch. Jonathan That elevator pitch he made was more important possibly than any other on the night if not this year.

Apart from Jonathan being a winner on the evening- both the Cava which is probably not life changing- unless you drink it in one go- certainly the opportunity to give an elevator pitch to a room packed full of potential customers and strategic partnerships is.

Also after the event I have sent a couple of messages on twitter, mentioned him on my facebook status updates, now writing this blog and elsewhere.

By the way just a short profile of his company. is a UK property auction retail site. Landlords / Letting Agents upload their available properties and potential tenants bid on how much they are prepared to rent the properties for. At the end of the auction the Landlord / Letting Agent has their property rented (potentially at a higher rental sum than the original asking amount) and the new tenant has a new home!

What made Jonathan a winner is that he took action. Normally at the large meetings I have a champagne bucket. Not every bothers to put their business card into the champagne bucket because they don’t want champagne. Yes but resisting champagne what else are you saying no too. I am talking about on the evening with re: to this blog. Although outside of this eventwhat opportunities are you missing

Jonathan’s picture is below.

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