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Lessons from being an organiser of Cashflow 101

I have been an organiser of Cashflow 101/202, the game created by Robert Kiyosaki for several years now and I have to admit it has changed my life. I wouldn’t have been an events organiser if it wasn’t for the book by Robert Kiyosaki Richdad Poordad.

If you read the book it mentions several times the Cashflow game. I love games, although not board games, I am a keen snooker and pool player- you could say competitive (hopefully not overly competitive).

There are many lessons I learnt from being an organiser of Cashflow.

1) Use email software such as constantcontact, awebber, icontact- it will save you time and there are other reasons you should be using this type of software
2) Use an accountancy software package such as Kashflow
3) Be flexible-venues change management and one day management may be happy for you to organise events at there premises- the next it changes- so have a backup plan and plan in advance
4) Not all speakers are the same, nor attendees, nor facilitators. Focusing on speakers- I have been hosting in the last few years Cashflow Evenings with short presentations beforehand- some speakers are happy to present without powerpoint, some will only present with powerpoint

5) There are many other lessons- I could easily write a book about it- although for now- teamwork is the most important lesson I learnt early on. I really noticed it from March 2009- I held an event which sold out- I had to say no to several people- and I had a lovely lady who helped me facilitate the day- I thought I could do it all- I had facilitated Cashflow sessions beforehand without help, although this was on a larger scale, 35 attendees. This event really showed me the power of a team. Without this ladies help I would have been unable to complete this event aswell as I did.

So my question is this- who is in your team? Different size businesses will need different size teams. A team could include a financial planner, business mentor, business coach, social media adviser, marketing member, sales member and it goes on. For me personally apart from my facilitators, my key team includes my accountant and my financial planner.

Teamwork has been highlighted since I have been involved in 4Networking- I am a marketing assistant for one of the London Groups. 4Networking is a business networking organisation (50% social, 50%business).


I recently read a tweet from Judith Morgan about a 30 day gratitude diary and before that something similar from Steve Clarke.

A gratitude diary is nothing new although its not the easiest thing to do, certainly for me.

There is certainly a lot in 2011 I need to share my gratitude for.

I am an events organiser and organise on a regular basis Cashflow Games Evening and Wandsworth Property Networking Group (formerly Putney). I also organise business networking events sometimes jointly with other event organisers.

So what have I got to offer gratitude for.

Firstly my speakers for being there on time and delivering. I’ve been very lucky having worked with over 30 speakers this year.

Secondly for my Cashflow Games Evenings I require facilitators to help new players with Cashflow 101 (similar to monopoly although more advanced).

Thirdly for attending fabulous networking events which other organisers have contributed from the likes of Paul Littlewood, NRG, Fast Track, 4Networking, Online Marketing Networking to Link Humans.

Fourthly my venues. Some venues have been very supportive an events organiser.

Fifthly my attendees.

Sixthly for those who read my tweets and republish the information

Seventhly to those who create events pages where I can promoted upcoming events such as Property Tribes