Cashflow Games Evening based on the work of Robert Kiyosaki- author of Richdad Poordad- further details click here

This is just a short list of group meetings which I have attended- I would highly advise having a look

You will notice most of these groups are based solely in the London area. Do you have any recommendations for London meetings?
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Places I will be networking and learning in November

November will be a busy month, as December is usually a quiet month

The following are places where I will be networking

1) Internet Week- There are likely to be over 100 events during Internet Week. I am hosting an event during internet week. Check out

The event I am organising will be on Tuesday 8th November at 4pm

I also will be attending other events during Internet Week so check out Highlight of the week for me is the presentation by David Soskin at Central on Wednesday evening

2) 4Networking- I will be presenting at several 4Networking events and every time I speak I am also learning. Check out

3) Cashflow Games Evening- The next meeting will be on Tuesday 8th November

learning does not necessarily have to be through presentations, it can be through games, check out

Normally my Cashflow Games Evening have presentations before the game.

4) Business Growth Show- November 4th- check out

5) Wandsworth Property Networking- check out

This Property Meet takes places on the 24th November with keynote presentation by David Sandeman (arguably the definitive commentator on UK auctions) who will be presenting on Finding great deals at Auction – and how to buy them

There are hundreds if not thousands of events so enjoy November!

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