Networking Equipment for Offline and Online

1) Literature- Business Cards- ideally carry two sets of business cards.

Yes there are other pieces of literature- you can bring along

Make sure your networking cards are well protected- does not need to be in an expensive case

2) Map- A-Z or if you are an iphone user google maps

3) Pens- so you can make notes, ideally some paper also.

4) Diary- whether hard copy or digital- its always worth planning your diary for the month ahead

5) Apps-

For iphone users I find an invaluable tool. Also twitter- when you are at meets there is often a hashtag for the event.

With regard to twitter I find using hootsuite invaluable-I use the streams to find out what events are coming up in my local area. Details of streaming visit

Personally I don’t find card scanner apps useful, although I am sure there must be some on the market which are good.

6) Keep account of your networking expenditure and any income- Kashflow

7) Using a email marketing platform- ie for example constant contact

8) An open mind- possibly the most important thing to bring along to a business networking event

This is just a handful of networking equipment. What is your most important piece of equipment to bring along?

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