Which Neworking Event To Attend

I network at least on average once a week, often more than this. One of the common questions is which are the best events to attend.

It depends on many factors. I personally prefer structured networking such as 4networking or speed networking rather than open networking. |

I do attend open networking events also.

If I do attend open networking events there has to be a good reason- is there a presentation at the meeting- possibly I want to hear the Speaker or the topic.

Is it sponsored? Networking can be an expensive business and you could spend £1,000s of pounds at networking events so sponsored events may be a factor.

Social proof- Has someone recommended that I attend the event or possibly a lot of people have booked for the event. Sometimes this recommendation about an event may lead me to attending an event although I have discovered that sometimes these events are not my preferred events. So just because someone has recommended doesn’t mean that you will get benefit from the event.

If its your first time at a particular networking group, is there a way to connect with attendees beforehand and make comunication. This can be very useful, so you have built a relationship before you have attended the event.

Does it work for your diary? Sometimes there can be fab events- although does it fit the diary. Sometimes you may be heading to an evening event then a morning event. One off this is fine, on a regular basis maybe not.

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